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  • Live Fire Instructor: Fixed Facility - Tacoma, Washington

    Contains 22 Component(s) Includes a Live In-Person Event on 03/16/2020 at 8:00 AM (EDT)

    This intensive three-day program explores the most recent NFPA 1403 standard and applies the principles of the standard to the student’s ability to instruct live fire training in a safe environment. The course is delivered in a true blended learning approach using the online-learning system to prepare the candidate for the three day instructor led course.

    Students must first complete an extensive online learning platform with several activities and pre-test. NFPA 1403 content will be discussed and demonstrated in hands-on live fire training evolutions at the host facility where skill checklists validate candidate performance. Candidates must meet all prerequisites as specified in NFPA 1403 Chapter 4 Section 4.3 to participate as students in this program.

    Program Highlights:

    • Instructor responsibilities in operations of permanent gas fire and Class A combustible fueled live fire training structures
    • Creating and implementation of a sample pre-burn plan
    • Emergency planning and operations
    • Instructor and student pre-fire walk-through
    • Review and analyze relevant case studies
    • Working with students in fire conditions
    • Situational awareness during fire conditions
    • Fuel characteristics and safe loading
    • Participant PPE inspections
    • Review of current industry research involving live fire conditions
    • Application of duties to ignition officer, safety officer and instructor-in-charge


    1. Day 1: Lecture and student activities
    2. Day 2: Lecture, Practical Application, and Evolutions (to include live fire)
    3. Day 3: Lecture, Practical Application, and Written Examination