Credentialing Program

What are you doing to ensure a positive and prosperous outlook for you, your department or your industry? Have you considered attending an ISFSI credential course to advance as a professional instructor? 

The ISFSI credentialing program recognizes career excellence and offers strategies for continuous personal improvement. The following professional designation platforms (Training Officer Credential, Live Fire Instructor: Fixed Facility, Live Fire Instructor: Acquired Structure) affirms your dedication to the profession and the highest level of professionalism in the industry. 

  • Create a direct pathway to develop and advance as professional educators while bridging the gap between fire service professional development, the professional credentialing of instructors, and the accreditation of emerging training curriculum's and e-learning platforms and programs.
  • Your instructors are leaders and experts in the fire service.
  • Accelerate the skills of instructors who are brand new and help strengthen the expertise of seasoned instructors. 

Select the credential program you would like to review from below to see program details and course offerings.

Live Fire Instructor: Fixed Facility Credential

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Live Fire Instructor: Acquired Structure Credential

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Training Officer Credential

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