Live Fire Instructor Credential - Acquired Structure

The Acquired Structure Credential prepares the live fire instructor for the challenging roles necessary to prepare training plans, develop objectives and prepare an acquired structure for safe and effective live fire training.

Once an instructor has completed the ISFSI Live Fire Instructor – Fixed Facility Credential, additional on-line learning covering the NFPA 1403 Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions chapters and appendix references take place in a blended learning platform.  Candidates for this Credential can expect up to 20 hours of learning while completing required documentation to prepare a compliant live burn training plan.

Students will have the opportunity to review the NFPA standard, review text and on-line training resources and then will complete their required portfolio on a local acquired structure as part of the course completion requirements. As each step in the portfolio is completed, the student will submit examples of the various forms and planning documents along with photographs of the actual work being performed to their assigned evaluator, who will provide feedback on their performance. Some of the areas covered in their portfolios are:

Program Highlights:

  • Compliance with NFPA 1403 requirements
  • Identification of site and location hazards
  • Development of evolution objectives
  • Assignments of instructors and students
  • Calculating necessary fire attack and reserve water flow
  • Permitting and notifications

An on-line written examination will be used to validate their understanding of NFPA 1403 and case studies used to demonstrate the importance of a properly developed live fire training plan. Once the student has developed their portfolio and has executed their live fire evolution, additional documentation of their portfolio is submitted for final review.

Live Fire Instructor: Acquired Structure

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