[Webinar] Instruct-o-Gram On-Demand: Empowering Instructors by Promoting Professional Development

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Training and education are essential to success among fire and EMS personnel. As fire and EMS instructors, we spend a tremendous amount of time promoting professional development among aspiring first responders and incumbent members in the profession. We promote professional development because it enhances our safety while operating in the hazard zone. Equally important, we promote professional development because it fosters both confidence and competency.

Because the above comments are true, professional development for fire and EMS instructors is equally important. Instructional delivery is both an art and a science. Innovative techniques in the adult learning environment continue to evolve from empirical research. Today’s fire and EMS instructors must remain adaptive to instructional techniques that fosters learning in all settings. This webinar will highlight effective methods for empowering instructors by promoting professional development.  


Demond Simmons 

Demond Simmons

Demond is a member of the Oakland (CA) Fire Department. He is currently on detail as the department’s special operations chief. He is a proud member of several fire service organizations including ISFSI, IAFC, IFSTA, and the IABPFF. His motto is, continue to be a student of the profession.

Contact Demond at demondsimmons@yahoo.com

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