[Webinar] Instruct-o-Gram Live: Rapid Intervention Teams: Rapidly or Strategically

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The ISFSI Instruct-o-Gram Live webinar series brings a recently published Instruct-o-Gram alive with the author presenting key topics on implementing the material in your department. This month we are discussing Rapid Intervention Teams - what should be done rapidly and what should be done with a strategic plan.

Topics to be covered include: 

  1. The roles and responsibilities of a Rapid Intervention Team (R.I.T.)
  2. Who should be on R.I.T.
  3. What are the predesigned assignments for each R.I.T. member
  4. What practical skills should every R.I.T. member be able to perform
  5. What tasks can be completed when rescuing a Firefighter is not in progress
  6. Where can practice take place for practical skills: Firehouse v. Academy Training Grounds
  7. Discuss project mayday: rescues made by the Rapid Intervention Team v. by other interior firefighters
  8. Discuss the position of R.I.T. Supervisor: their roles and responsibilities


Ryan Daughton

Ryan Daughton

Ryan currently serves as the Assistant Chief with the East Franklin Fire Department in Somerset, New Jersey and enjoys training and education, community relations, fire prevention, mentoring and coaching, and instructing hands-on skills. Ryan is also a member of the local police department serving in the capacity of a patrol officer. 

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