[Webinar] Instruct-o-Gram Live: Driver/Operator Training in Context Proficiencies

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The ISFSI Instruct-o-Gram Live webinar series brings a recently published Instruct-o-Gram alive with the author presenting key topics on implementing the material in your department. This month we are discussing the essential elements needed to administer a physical and tactical set of proficiencies expected of a previously trained driver/operator at a fire incident. 

The driver/operator plays a critical role upon arriving at an incident to establish or support a successful fire attack operation. The operation and effectiveness of the apparatus will often be in proportion to the skills and abilities of the operator. The apparatus and operator are the anchor and support system to the Firefighters in the hot zone. 

The driver/operator should be on-scene expert concerning the location, use, and functions of the tools and equipment on the apparatus. To a large degree, the fire apparatus is essentially a large "toolbox", who is responsible for its contents. 

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Training in context proficiencies and why they are beneficial
  • The various apparatus proficiencies that may be tested
  • The benefits of anticipating the needs of attack crews, and how the driver/operator can assist
  • The benefits of being in an advantageous position to be an 'extra set of eyes' to perform continuous size-up and situational awareness


Jeff Betz is a Firefighter at the City of Adrian and Madison Township Fire Departments. He is a retired career Lieutenant and Training Officer, as well as a retired On-call Assistant Chief and Training Officer at each department respectively.

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