Ultra High Pressure: Tactical Explanations Webinar

Join Lt. Evan Wing of the Middleton FD (MIFD) and Sr. Instructor Dennis van’t Ende of the Royal Netherlands Airforce FD, for a webinar on the strategies and tactics of Ultra High Pressure fire suppression. Wing and van’t Ende will dissect live fire training videos, two real-life incidents and break down fire ground tactics. The MIFD has been using UHP since 2008 and Wing since 2012 when he joined the department. The MIFD utilizes Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) on three Rapid Response Vehicles, their Heavy Rescue and three UTVs for their wildland response. The MIFD covers 54sq miles, $5bn in equalized property value, up to 30,000 occupants during business hours and 4+ miles of highway in and around the Middleton area. Van’t Ende, as well as many European FDs, also use High Pressure (HP) for structural fires due to the deployment speed and the ability to easily cool smoke while advancing to the seat of the fire. In addition to his training responsibilities, van’t Ende uses UHP and HP on the new F35 aircraft at his Air Force Base in the Netherlands.

Lt. Wing currently serves as Lieutenant on the Middleton Fire District and has been on the department since 2012. His certifications include Instructor I, Ice Rescue Technician, HazMat Operations and Driver/Operator. Wing also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of HMA Fire, a manufacturer of Ultra-High Pressure fire suppression systems and has held that role for two years, working with career, combination and volunteer departments on how to incorporate the technology into their response methodology. Prior to accepting his role at HMA, Wing was in banking for 15yrs and gained an appreciation for data and risk analysis, management, commercial lending and relationship management. He competes annually in the Firefighter Combat Challenge at FDIC and currently holds the department record with a time of 2:08.36.

Dennis Van’t Ende is Sergeant Major in the Royal Netherlands Air Force and is a fire service instructor at the Brandweer Opleiding Training Center in Woensdrecht, Netherlands. Dennis is also a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Hoogerheide. He specializes in reading smoke and ventilation (RSTV), similar to the American SLICE-RS. He also specializes in aircraft firefighting for the Royal Dutch Air Force.


Ultra High Pressure: Tactical Explanations Webinar
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