Performance Under Pressure: Building a Reality-Based Training Program

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Performance Under Pressure: Building a Reality-Based Training Program

Athletes, Military and Law Enforcement have been using Reality Based Training to train for optimal human performance for decades. The fire service is catching up by utilizing a step-by-step methodology to achieve peak performance during emergency operations.  The methods shared are compiled by years of research from sport psychology, to firefighting, to adventure athletic performance. This lecture provides the attendees with our model in conducting Reality Based Training to enhance game speed, tempo on the fireground and ways to control the environment on the emergency scene. We will discuss “flow” and how that will help firefighters dominate the fireground.

Learning Objectives:

  • The Fear response and how it relates to freighting
  • Optimal Performance Zone and “Flow”
  • Hicks Law
  • Pavlovian Theory
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Reality Based Training Format
  •  Sports Psychology as it relates to firefighting

Continuing Education Hours: 2


Rob Blasseti

Rob Blasetti is currently a Lieutenant assigned to the Field Training branch of the Fire Academy at a large metro fire department in Northern Virginia and a member of VA-TF1/USA-1 Urban Search and Rescue Team. Before moving to Virginia, Rob worked for the City of Cape Coral Fire Department in Florida, where he held the rank of Battalion Chief of Operations with extra responsibilities of Special Operations. Since 2006, Rob has been sharing with firefighters around the country, the effects environmental and mechanical stress has on decision making on the fire ground. Rob has taught at FDIC, Orlando Fire Conference, Ft. Lauderdale Fire Expo. Blasetti is a presenter for the National Olympic Committee for sports psychology and Athena Institute for education and research Conference on Psychology.

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