Dealing with Difficult People and Their Organizational Impacts Webinar

During this webinar, Chief Streich will discuss one of his most impactful incidents over the past thirty years, DEALING WITH PEOPLE! He will discuss a case that made headline news and changed the way he leads and manages people today.  He will discuss our role as firefighters working within organizations, his Elite Team concept, and define a “difficult person”.  He will discuss the generations within your station and identify their differences.  More importantly, he will share with you how these types of people can negatively impact YOUR mood and health (along with your department) and give you solutions to stop it.  His view on organizational cohesiveness has helped change departments across the United States.

Jerry Streich is a fire chief/emergency manager and a 30-year fire service veteran and former Combat Medic (NCOIC) for the U.S. Army. He has initiated many programs to better prepare firefighters through training. Founded the largest Fire Academy in Minnesota and created Award-Winning Teams. Streich has a B.S. degree in organizational leadership/human resources and an A.A.S. degree in fire science. He is certified in emergency management, investigations, codes, and incident command and control.

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